We are a human and entrepreneurial group united by a grand philosophy forged during more than 50 years of continuous evolution. We are made up of textile, agro-industrial, tourism, financial & services and health & trading companies, established in Peru.
Although we started life as a family business, we have prospered thanks to the management of our companies by an excellent team of executives with wide-ranging abilities that enable them to call upon experience, imagination and talent and who are supported by an efficient and loyal workforce. Our origins may be from Arequipa but today the Group has expanded nationwide.
Our story is one of permanent growth, even during adverse times, which is due to our being a dynamic entity always open to change. We have overcome challenges and difficulties, yet our rewards have always been the greater for it. In order to have made these successes possible, we have built a network of businesses and contacts throughout five continents. We can forecast with certainty that, in five or ten years time, the Grupo Inca  will be different to what it is today because, if one thing defines us, it is our flexibility to face opportunities. 
From the outset we have worked responsibly, instilled a respect for ecology, had a fair and harmonious relationship with our collaborators, complyed with the law, paid correct prices to suppliers and always satisfied our clients. We are financially sound and our businesses are profitable, allowing us to view the future with optimism. At the moment we work with more than 6,500 collaborators and are proud of being able to continue to create jobs that improve the quality of life for many Peruvians. 
Transcending time and working responsibly for the benefit of our environment. 
To offer excellent products and services linked to our cultural identity. 
Integrity To work with rectitude and unflinching honesty. 
Responsibility To comply opportunely and efficiently with our contractual obligations.
Respect To value people, treat them well with due attention in order to create a mutual atmosphere of trust. 
Innovation To be able to change things and focus anew. 
Passion To feel the fervour needed to favour a cause or purpose. 
Flexibility To be able to adapt to new circumstances. 
Working as a team To share the tasks in order to achieve a common objective, putting the group goal before that of the individual.