The “Sustainable Alpaca Network” programme requires the support of all those individuals and businesses who value the alpaca and are 

aware of its extraordinary qualities, the imminent dangers which threaten its survival and the many unsatisfied needs suffered by the rural families that raise alpacas just as their forebears had done for thousands of years. 

Contributions received are used to improve the genetics of the animals in such a way as to achieve a finer fibre and, as a result, to increase the incomes of rural families.  They are also used to provide technical training for the producers and in humanitarian aid in basic aspects such as housing, education and clothing.

We count on your participation and invite you to subscribe in any of the categories available on

In the name of the alpaca herdsmen of the Peruvian mountains, we thank you in anticipation for helping us to preserve this wonderful animal which, through its improved breeding, will enable thousands of families to increase their incomes to enjoy a better quality of life.