PACO PRO 0.5 is a genuine software package created specifically to manage, organize and provide fast and efficient access to the large quantity of data accumulated on the alpacas at the Pacomarca ranch.  It deals with varied aspects which include births, genealogy, production, reproduction, fibre-property parameters, phenotypes, medical treatment, kinship, matings, genetic appraisal, and embryo transfer.  The database for PACO PRO currently (September 2011) holds more than three million data; this is the world's largest known database on alpacas.

The versatility and efficiency of PACO PRO has enabled Pacomarca substantially to improve its productive and reproductive indices, while providing scientific monitoring of the development of its genetic improvement programme in a way never before achieved.  In addition, PACO PRO has served as a basis for carrying out the programme of Genetic Appraisal, currently the most advanced of its type in the world, in coordination with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  Lastly, PACO PRO has permitted the publication of numerous studies and scientific works (papers) carried out in conjunction with prestigious universities.