In order to carry out the projected programmes of social support, such as ''Keeping the Future Warm'',  ''The Herdsman's Hut'' and ''Helping Andean Schools'' as well as the dissemination of genetic material from Pacomarca and the transference of technology to smallholding herdsmen, it is planned to involve different firms so they can provide financial backing.

The idea is to request, in the first phase, the collaboration of firms which are members or friends of the Grupo Inca.  Likewise, those firms that have commercial ties with businesses within the Grupo Inca, especially within the textile division, will be approached.

In a second phase, it is anticipated to extend this invitation to other firms although they may have no commercal relations with the Grupo Inca.  These could be mining undertakings, banking houses or others.

The firms that decide to participate and give their financial support to the programmes of social aid under the name of ''PACOMARCA: Sustainable Alpaca Network'' will receive promotional material so that the activities carried out in the Peruvuan Andes in favour of the local communities may be presented by these firms as part of their business social responsibility programmes.