From the very start, the Pacomarca ranch established a principle: that everything tried and learned would be shared with the smallholding alpaca herdsmen in Peru.  Pacomarca is therefore constantly host to groups of alpaca producers who are offered training courses where newly acquired knowledge is shared with them on aspects such as shearing techniques, animal health, reproduction, feeding, data storage, genetic management, selection of animals and the handling of pasture and forage.  The alpaca producers can thus compare physically, and for the first time in Perú, the tangible results of a genetic improvement programme put into practice.

Two kinds of investigation are carried out in parallel.  One of them is practical, where efficient solutions are sought for everyday situations such as the complete mapping of the animal based on fibre fineness, or the comparison between the yield of traditional shearing with that of  technified shearing (Inca Shearing).  The other type of investigation is of scientific nature and carried out in collaboration with foreign universities; the PACO PRO database is exploited to establish hypotheses and develop complex topics,  especially those linked to genetic appraisal, tendencies and a variety of correlations.