The Inca's Quintal

With the aim of providing an incentive and at the same time recognizing the efforts of the alpaca producers all over Perú in the production of fine animals, Inca Tops S.A.A. , with the collaboration of Pacomarca, has established a national competition called ''The Inca's Quintal''. 

The quintal is an old-fashioned unit equivalent to 46 kilogrammes, used nowadays almost exclusively for trading natural fibres in the Peruvian market.  A quintal represents approximately the weight of 22 or 23 complete alpaca fleeces from animals about one year old.  The fleeces are graded according to the fineness of their fibre, weight, purity of colour, absence of guard hairs and the strength of the fibre.

The competition is open to all Peruvian alpaca producers, and winners will receive generous prizes.  These include more than 10000 Peruvian New Soles in cash, Pacomarca type A reproducers, complete shearing kits, portable corral sets for handling animals in the field, trips to Lima and Arequipa for the winners, and other rewards.