PACOMARCA: “Sustainable Alpaca Network”  is a private international enterprise providing support for the sustainable development of alpaca raising.  It seeks to generate benefits for all those involved in the alpaca production chain, and especially for the thousands of rural families who make a living from this resource in the harsh conditions of the Peruvian highlands.

The idea came about from the need to promote the human development of alpaca producers through their links with the modern world of textiles and to respond to the important changes occurring in social and economic areas as well as in climate.

The activities carried out in the Peruvian Andes at altitudes higher than 4000 metres above sea level to provide support for the sustainability of alpaca raising are centred on the experimental ranch PACOMARCA, which belongs to Inca Tops SAA.  For the past twelve years, this firm has been carrying out a very advanced programme for the genetic improvement of alpacas on behalf of the owners of small herds in the Peruvian Andes.

The various support programmes for the Andean alpaca herdsmen accept aid from individuals and firms that value alpaca as a resource and would like to protect its future.  We are counting on your help!

LinkVideo about Pacomarca (Spanish)