Inca Tops S.A. recently signed a collaboration and development agreement with Rural Alianza E.P.S., the world´s largest alpaca fiber producer. The deal will allow, among other things, the joint development of sophisticated quantitative genetic programs with the aim of achieving significant improvements on fiber quality and the increment of its international market value.


Rural Alianza E.P.S. is a “communal property enterprise” and it is formed by some 180 members who are, at the same time, its owners. Its property covers more than 35,000 hectares divided in three units located above 3,500 meters above sea level. They own more than 40,000 animals, of the different types and in all colors. The fiber lot they produce is, by very far, the largest in the world and one of the best in terms of quality. Rural Alianza produces some 58,000 Kg. of fiber per year.


The agreement seeks to implement the techniques developed at Inca Tops´ experimental scientific research station PACOMARCA on the Rural Alianza animals, with the aim of producing animals without guard hair as well as pure black ones.


The signing of this agreement took place at the same time of the purchasing by Inca Tops S.A. of the 2019-2020 Rural Alianza´s Alpaca fiber lot.

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