The Black Alpaca program, or Yanapaco in the quechua language, seeks to preserve the raising of pure-black alpacas. The number of these has declined enormously in the past few decades and black specimens currently represent less than 0,5% of the alpaca population in Peru.

The PACOMARCA ranch possesses a specially selected experimental population of approximately 1000 pure-black alpacas which are the subject of a genetic evaluation program and a unique inheritability study. This is the country's largest population of pure-black alpacas at a single ranch.

The Yanapaco program makes direct purchases of pure-black alpaca fiber from interested producers at a preferential price. Furthermore, an exchange scheme has been started for some selected producers with black male alpacas.

Finally, a new category has been introduced in The Inca's Quintal competition, where prizes are awarded for the best pure-black fleeces, so as to encourage the raising of black animals.

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